Transferring people in and out of family groups

Families change all the time. Marriages take place and break up, young adults move in and out of a household and children get old enough to want an iPad of their own. The new Family Sharing feature on i0S 8 allows for this sort of upheaval, which is why it’s simple enough to move people in and out of family groups. Family Sharing, by the way, allows connected family members to share music, movies and books that they’ve purchased for free with other family members. Check out our previous blog … [Read more...]

Using the iPad to communicate With Your Family (For Seniors)

In this modern age, phones are not the only way to communicate with people from a distance. Your iPad will allow you to connect with your friends and family in a variety of different ways. In this post we’re going to look at the video messaging and email features of the iPad. How to use video messaging (FaceTime) FaceTime is the app on your iPad which will allow you to make a video call. Video calls are more involved that traditional phone calls because you’ll be able to see the person you’re … [Read more...]

Taking photos and adding effects in iPad ( For Seniors )

Do you remember when photos were taken with an old-fashioned camera? It was a device that was only used to take photos? These days you can take photos on a number of different devices and the iPad is no exception. Your iPad has two different different camera lenses installed; one for taking photos of others and one for taking photos or yourself. (Selfies!) There are two big advantages to taking photos with your iPad and they are both to do with ease of use. You’ve got a really big screen to look … [Read more...]

How to watch films and TV on the iPad (For Seniors)

With a much greater variety of films and TV programmes than you'll ever find included in your standard television package, your iPad is perfect for portable viewing. You can use the iTunes store to purchase films or a whole TV series, as well as make the most of outside apps such as Netflix to provide a wider choice of viewing options at a minimal monthly cost. Once you've made your purchases, you'll be able to watch your choice of film on long journeys, on holiday and anywhere in the house, … [Read more...]

Learn How To Use Internet On iPad (For Seniors)

You can find out just about everything you need to know on the internet, from what time the film starts tonight, to how you can make a journey from A-Z at the cheapest possible price. It can help you do your shopping, speak to people you know and even have a rough go at diagnosing your health problems. Also it's very simple to use as all that’s required of you, is to type whatever it is you're looking for into Safari's search bar. Safari is what you need to access the internet from your iPad, … [Read more...]

How to use family sharing in iPad

“Family sharing” is a new feature which is available in i0S 8 and is the ideal way to share purchases and downloads for free among all the Apple devices that belong to your household. If you’ve got a variety of devices at home, all belonging to different family members, you’ll probably be aware that everybody sharing the same Apple ID is just not practical or desirable. With “Family Sharing” individual family members with separate Apple IDs and media libraries are able to download music, books … [Read more...]

How to listen to music on iPad ( For Seniors )

Gone is the era when your record collection was confined to a room in your house. These days, most people carry all of their music with them, all of the time. Your iPad is one such device that will enable you to store your music and listen to it wherever you choose. Keep hundreds of different albums, songs and audio books on it and select whatever you'd like to listen to at the tap of a button. Should you wish your iPad to play your songs in a different order each time, it can do that, as can … [Read more...]

How to keep both tech-savvy kids and iPad safe

iPads are great fun for kids and they’re a fantastic educational tool. That said, we are all aware of the dangers involved of allowing your child free, limitless access to the online global community as well as the problems your child might cause you by inadvertently making changes to information stored on your iPad. How would you feel if you found that your child had been having long conversations with strangers online? Not thrilled, I’d imagine! Also, what would do if your child accidently … [Read more...]