How to listen to music on iPad ( For Seniors )

Gone is the era when your record collection was confined to a room in your house. These days, most people carry all of their music with them, all of the time. Your iPad is one such device that will enable you to store your music and listen to it wherever you choose. Keep hundreds of different albums, songs and audio books on it and select whatever you’d like to listen to at the tap of a button.

Should you wish your iPad to play your songs in a different order each time, it can do that, as can it help you discover new music based on similarity to the songs you’ve already downloaded. The online iTunes store is where you’ll need to go to make new music purchases, so as well as showing you what you’ll need to do to access your songs, I’m going to walk you through downloading new music. This post will teach you how to move music files from your computer to your iPad, how to make purchases from the iTunes store and how to alter the music settings for a more comfortable listening experience.

How to put move your existing music files onto the iPad

Before you listen to music you’ll need to get it onto your iPad. If you already have music on your MAC computer, you can select the songs you want to transfer to your iPad on the MAC screen and then click and drag them to the iPad icon. (Make sure the two devices are connected before you start.)

If you haven’t, you’ll need to download your music from the iTunes store, so let’s have a look at how that’s done.

How to buy music from the iTunes Store

Firstly, locate the iTunes icon. It’s in the top left hand corner of the image below. Tap on it.

iTunes - icon

You will be taken into the iTunes store, where you can buy all manner of different Apple products. To be taken to the music section, tap on “Music”, which you’ll find in the menu running along the bottom of the screen. The music pages will detail albums and artists that are new or currently popular. To search for music by category, use the top menu. To search for a specific artist, song or album, type the name into the search bar, which is in the top right hand corner, next to the magnifying glass.

iTunes - music

Once you’ve found something you’d like to buy, you can either tap on the image to read a description of the product, or tap on the price to buy it.

iTunes - buy music

You’ll probably have to enter your Apple ID to complete the purchase, but once you’ve done that, the music will download onto your iPad automatically. To listen to it, you’ll need to go into your music app. The music icon looks like this:

Music - Icon

How to play your music

Once inside the music app, you will find all the music that you’ve either transferred from your MAC or bought from the iTunes store. It will be sorted into songs, artists, albums and composers. Tap on any of these choices on the bottom menu to view the contents of your music library.

Tap on any song / album etc to make it play. You can skip to the part of the song you want to hear by using the slider. Use the volume slider to adjust the volume, but be aware that you will only be adjusting the volume of the app. If you want to adjust the volume of the device, you will need to go into “Settings” and select “Sound” to make adjustments. It can also be adjusted in the control centre, which you can access at any time by swiping upwards.

Music - composers


When you tap on a song to make it play, you will be given the option to create a playlist. You are being asked if you’d like to make a list of songs that will play either one after the other, or randomly if you shuffle them. In your playlists you can use songs from different albums and by different artists. It’s entirely up to you how you construct your own personal playlist. To make a new playlist, press the + button.

Control your music with spoken commands

For those who struggle to use their touch screen, you might prefer to use the voice activation system, known as Siri. All you need to do is say aloud the name of the song you want to hear.

Siri commands for the music app (Say these aloud to activate)

“Play (insert song title)”

“Play (insert album title)”

“Play (insert artist)”

“Play (insert playlist)”

That’s how to listen to and download music onto the iPad. It makes searching for a particular song and playing it so much easier, than putting on a CD or record.