Taking photos and adding effects in iPad ( For Seniors )

Do you remember when photos were taken with an old-fashioned camera? It was a device that was only used to take photos? These days you can take photos on a number of different devices and the iPad is no exception. Your iPad has two different different camera lenses installed; one for taking photos of others and one for taking photos or yourself. (Selfies!) There are two big advantages to taking photos with your iPad and they are both to do with ease of use. You’ve got a really big screen to look through and it’s incredibly easy to add effects and filters to your photos.

Let’s get started

To begin taking photos, you’ll need to locate the camera icon. Find it on your homescreen and tap on it. Lift your iPad to point it at your photo’s subject.

Camera icon

When you have the photo you want to take on your screen, press the big round button on the screen to take it. Your photo will appear in miniature on the bottom of the screen. Tap on the miniature photo to enlarge it.


What do the other buttons do?

The camera icon in the top right hand corner will switch the lense to the one facing you, so that you can take a photo of yourself. Tap on it to take a “selfie”. If you tap on “Video”, you can then make a film, rather than a still photo.

Once you’ve taken your photo there’s a number of different things you can do it. You can add effects to it, you can file it in an album or you can share it with others. To perform any of these actions, you’ll need to bring the photo up on the screen again. You’ll find all your photos in the “Photos” app.

Adding effects

Locate the “Photos” icon (See the bottom right-hand corner in the top image) and tap on it. Select the photo you’d like to see and then tap on “Edit”. This will display the editing toolbar on the bottom of the screen. You can rotate your photo if you’d like it be another way up. The enhance button is a feature that will automatically improve your photo and make it the very best it can be. The red eye button will lessen the effect of any red eye that has occurred and the crop button will cut out the part of the photo you want to keep and discard the rest.

Edit photos

Finally, in the middle, the filter button will give your photo a number of different colour options. Click on each filter along the bottom of the screen to see a preview of how your photo will look with each filter applied.

Camera filters

How to put your photo in an album

In order to have albums to put your photos in, you’ll first need to create the albums. Go into “Photos”, select a photo and tap “Add to”, then “Add to new album.” Type in a name for your new album and then tap on “Ok.” Tap on each photo to add it to a new or existing album. When you want to see the photos in the individual albums, tap on the album, you’d like to view.

To move photos to a different album, simply select them and tap on “Add to” then the name of your desired destination album.

How to share photos

Once you’ve taken your photo, you might want to share it with others. If it’s a single photo, you’ll need to select the photo and tap on the action button. Select “Share,” and then the method you’d like to use for sharing. If you’d like to share more than one photo, you need to use “Photostream”. In the “Photos” app, tap on “Photos”, then “Edit”, then “Share”. Tap on a photostream and then add the names of the people you’d like to share it with.

You can view photos that have been shared with you, by going into “Photos” and then “Photostream.”

Should you wish to send a photo as an attachment in an email, it’s probably best if you read my blog post on sending email attachments. That’s all there is to taking photos.