4 Ways To Set Parental Restrictions On iPad

The best way to keep young kids safe online is by setting some parental restrictions on iPad. This will prevent your children from viewing adult sites or chatting to strangers. You can specify which apps your children are allowed to access and restrict access to certain websites. Once you’ve chosen the restrictions you’d like to set, your children will then be able to use the internet with reduced supervision, because there’s little chance they’ll be exposed to anything inappropriate. To do this you will need to set up a four digit passcode, which will obviously not be shared with your children.

Setting up a passcode in iPad

Firstly you’ll need to tap on the settings icon. Then tap on “General Settings”. After this, tap “Restrictions” and “Enable Restrictions”. It’s at this point that you can choose your four digit passcode. Pick a memorable number, or make sure you write it down somewhere. You’ll be asked to enter the number twice. When this has been done, the parental restrictions will have been enabled. You can now go on to choose which restrictions you’d like to make.

enable restrictions in iPad

enable passcode in ipad

How to disable apps in iPad

If there are some standard iPad apps that you don’t want your children to use at all, you’ll need to select which apps you want to turn off in the restrictions page. For example, you might want disable Safari, YouTube or FaceTime. Simply tap on the switch next to your chosen apps, so that it is in the “Off” position.

disable restrictions

How to set an age limit in iPad

Your child might be watching films on your iPad or listening to music. To ensure they don’t access any content that’s inappropriate for his or her age, you can set a permittable age limit. Tap on “Allowed Content” and then put a tick next to the appropriate viewing age of your child, in each of the categories. For example, if you want your child to be restricted to a PG rating, tap on each of these: “Apps”, “Movies”, “TV Shows” and “Music & Podcasts and select PG.

age rating

How to restrict access to certain websites in iPad

You might be happy for your child to use Safari, but not want them to access adult websites. To set this up, tap on “Allowed Content” and then “Websites”, then “Allowed Websites”, before choosing “Limit Adult Content”. If there is a particular website that you don’t want your child to access, you can prevent them from viewing it by choosing “Allowed Websites” and “Add a Website” under where it says “Never Allow.” Enter the full website address for the website you don’t want your child to see.

Allowed content

Additional parental controls

It’s important to ensure that your child is not exposed to danger or adult images while using the iPad, but also that he or she is not spending too much time or too much of your money online.There are other restrictions you can set on your iPad to put a time and spending limit in place. A guide to these will be covered in another blog post.