How to keep both tech-savvy kids and iPad safe

iPads are great fun for kids and they’re a fantastic educational tool. That said, we are all aware of the dangers involved of allowing your child free, limitless access to the online global community as well as the problems your child might cause you by inadvertently making changes to information stored on your iPad. How would you feel if you found that your child had been having long conversations with strangers online? Not thrilled, I’d imagine! Also, what would do if your child accidently deleted your next month’s work, wiping off both your career-changing presentation and all your business contacts? In this post I’m going address both issues; the protection of your child online and the protection of your iPad.

Guided Access

Preventing your children from spending too much money online was covered in a previous post, but using “Guided Access” is another great way to keep an eye on financial matters. If you use “Guided Access” a pin code will be required before both making purchases, or making changes to existing apps, like your calendar. It’s probably only a matter of time before your child discovers the pin code, but it affords you some protection until then! To switch on “Guided Access” tap on the Settings icon and then tap on “General”. Next you’ll need to tap on “Accessibility.”


Next scroll down and switch “Guided Access” to the on position.

Guided access 1

Guided access 2

With “Guided Access” on, set your passcode. Now tap on any app you wish to limit. With the app open, tap the home button three times and in the menu which appears, you can detail which parts of the app you’d like to block. Do the same again to remove guided access within an app. Simply tap three times and press “end.”

How to disable “Allow Changes”

Another to way to stop your children from editing your accounts, accidentally or otherwise, is by disabling the “Allow Changes” option. To do this you’ll need to tap on the Settings icon, press “General” and then “Accounts” under “Allow Changes.” Finally tick “Don’t Allow Changes.”

Allow changes 1

Allow changes 2

How to prevent your kids from adding strangers to their game centre contacts

Now let’s have a look at a couple of other ways to keep your kids safe online. If your kids are keen on games and use the game centre, there might add random online people to their “Friends”. You might want to avoid this for obvious reasons. All you need to do is get on the restrictions page by tapping on the Settings icon and then tapping on “Restrictions.” Scroll to the bottom and switch ”Adding Friends” to the off position.

Game Centre

Prevent strangers from knowing the location of your child

Your child could be unwittingly announcing their exact location to anybody who might be interested. To prevent people from finding out where they are, there is a way to stop your children from broadcasting this information. You simply need to switch off the location services. To do this go into Settings and then tap on “Privacy.” Next, tap on “Location Services” and switch them off.

Location services

Location services 2

Having done this, you might then want to tick “Don’t Allow Changes” if you haven’t already, (instructions above) and this will prevent your children from turning location services back on.

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