Transferring people in and out of family groups

Families change all the time. Marriages take place and break up, young adults move in and out of a household and children get old enough to want an iPad of their own. The new Family Sharing feature on i0S 8 allows for this sort of upheaval, which is why it’s simple enough to move people in and out of family groups. Family Sharing, by the way, allows connected family members to share music, movies and books that they’ve purchased for free with other family members. Check out our previous blog post on Family Sharing for details on how to set it up.

Moving a child out of your family group

If you want a child in your family group to become a member of another family group, you’ll need to ask the family organizer of the new group to send that child an invitation to join. To do that, the family organizer of the new group needs to tap on the Settings icon, then “iCloud”, then “Add Family Member,” before inputting the child’s details. The family organizer of the old group must then accept or decline the invitation notification.

Add Family Member

Moving a child into your family group

If you are the primary account holder, you can invite a child into your family group by doing the exact same action as above on your own iPad. Go into “Settings”, then “iCloud”, then “Add Family Member.” The organizer of the child’s previous group then needs to decline or accept the invitation to transfer the child.

How to leave family sharing

A family member over the age of 13 can leave a family group at any time. He or she does not need the primary account holder to remove him or her. The action that needs to be taken by the individual is done in “Settings”. Tap on “iCloud” and then “Family.” The family member then needs to tap on his or her name before tapping on “Leave Family”.

What happens to the shared content on the device of a family member who has left the group?

The shared content on the device of a family member who has left a family group is not automatically removed, although purchases that have been used previously may become unusable. If subscriptions were paid for by the primary account holder previously, the family member who has left will be prompted to input their own credit card details in order to continue the service.

What happens when the family organizer leaves a family group?

If the primary account holder leaves a family group, Family Sharing will effectively stop. For the family organizer to leave, he or she must go into “Settings” and then “iCloud”. In “Family”, the organizer will tap on his or her own name and the other family members will all be removed. Shared photos, the calendar and reminders will remain with the organizer and family sharing can be set up again at any time.